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You can safely let your child play with Gry & Sif's children's universe

In our felted universe, we also have a world of imaginative toy figures. Our products are aimed at children over 3 years old and are tested based on this age. Gry & Sif toys are tested according to EU requirements. If you are unsure whether the product is approved as a toy, you can look at the product's hangtag and see if it has a CE mark. If there is a CE mark, it means that we have tested the product and that you can safely let your child play with our toys.

How do we test the products?

Gry & Sif's CE marked products are tested and
approved according to EU requirements - EN71 part 1, 2 and 3

EN71 -1 Mechanical and physical properties:

This test deals with the product's mechanical and physical elements' chance of harming the child. In other words, it has been checked that the mechanical or physical properties of Gry & Sif toys cannot harm a child while playing with them. The decision includes, among other things, whether there are sharp points on the toy or whether there are parts on the toy that can be easily swallowed.

EN 71 part 2 - Flammability:

It is a legal requirement to ensure that toys are tested according to EN71 part 2, Flammability. With this test, we can conclude that Gry & Sif's toys do not contain flammable materials, which are prohibited in children's toys. Gry & Sif products are made from 100% natural wool from New Zealand. Wool does not burn and melt in the same way as synthetic materials.

EN71 - 3: Migration of certain elements:

The Gry & Sif universe is made from wool that is dyed with environmentally friendly dyes. The test ensures that there is no migration of the dye additive in the product. This includes ensuring that the content does not exceed the European limit value.

Do you have any questions?

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