Gry & Sif

Improving life conditions and providing Capacity Building in Nepal

Improving life conditions and providing Capacity Building in Nepal

Gry & Sif represents the combination of Scandinavian design and Nepalese felt craftsmanship. The woolen universe is designed in Denmark, and uniquely handmade in Nepal from natural wool from New Zealand.



Gry & Sif is proud to be a part of the global community of businesses that exist to put people and planet first. To become a guaranteed member of The World Fairtrade Organization (WFTO) it is required that the organization lives up to the principles of WTFO and that the company is monitored under the WFTO Guaranteed System. Among other core values, our main goal is to help improve the life conditions in Nepal as much as possible. Our visions are brought to life through various fairtrade initiatives that create a meaningful value to our workers in Nepal.



Gry & Sif employs around 800 women in Nepal under fair trade certified conditions. One of our core values is our specialization in providing Capacity Building. We structure our organization with teachers educating new employees on how to felt the beautiful artworks. We do not require any form of skills for employment, which means that we are able to expand the possibility for job opportunities even more.


Our full-time workers are offered health insurance and fair payments. Our goal is to combine the Nepali work culture with Scandinavian work culture, as we now offer a more flexible way of working where workers can work from home, in order for them to provide a home for their family and take care of their children at the same time. In this way we expand our production capacity, and we have the capability to employ and help a larger group of Nepali citizens. For instance, all the workers have been offered a bike for travelling to work. We are very proud of this initiative as it improves the health of our workers and is good for the environment. Our vision is to better their life conditions as much as we can. Due to the development of our company, it’s with the greatest of pleasures that we can continue our journey to help improve the conditions for our workers in Nepal. We are so excited for what the future will bring, and we can’t wait to elevate our Fairtrade initiatives even more.