The story of Gry and Sif


It all started with a backpacking trip to Nepal in 2001. The plan was to continue east, but the interest and love for this amazing country made us stay.

Gry Staunstrup, owner of Gry and Sif

We saw how the Nepalese people felt. We wanted to combine simple Danish design with this amazing raw and rustic fabric, and the idea of "Gry and Siff" was born.

Gry and Sif is Danish design, but all handmade in Nepal by very skilled workers.

All products are made from pure natural wool from New Zealand.

Studies show that if the woman in the family works, the income is more likely to go to the family.

In 2009, Gry and Sif received Fair Trade certification from the World Fair Trade Organization.

The Nepalese people are smiling, open-minded and very friendly. The love for the Nepalese people is great and will always be there.

"The love for the Nepali people is great and will always be there"

Gry Staunstrup,
owner of Gry &Sif