Gry & Sif indleder et stipendieprogram i Nepal

Gry & Sif is initiating a scholarship program in Nepal

We are ecstatic and very honored to share that Gry & Sif is starting a meaningful journey, as we are initiating a scholarship program in Nepal. Gry & Sif has contributed with eight scholarships aimed at fostering a brighter future for the children of our artisans in Nepal. This initiative holds a profound significance for Gry & Sif, as it encapsulates our commitment to help ensure a positive development in Nepal. The eight students were collectively chosen to receive the scholarship by the team of artisans in Nepal.

The students will receive continuous scholarship support until they complete their studies. Upon their graduation, another scholarship will be donated. Through these scholarships, we aim to empower our artisans so that they can improve their children’s future. We are so excited to follow their journey through the coming years.

Gry & Sif has also donated an amount for water tanks, books, blankets and other essentials that they need in the local schools.

For us, it's not only about crafting beautiful pieces; it's about creating opportunities.

It warms my heart to be in a position where our team can contribute with a meaningful impact on the children of our artisans. We strongly believe that the best way to support our artisans in Nepal, is to provide them with opportunities. The positivity and kindness that we receive from our team in Nepal, serve as a powerful source of motivation for our business. We feel incredibly fortunate to be able to help them in any way we can “- Gry Staunstrup, the founder and designer of Gry & Sif.

Beyond crafting exquisite pieces, we strive to create pathways for growth and prosperity. We firmly believe that fair trade begins with empowering individuals within their communities.